Last Minute Literary-Inspired Christmas Gifts

literary christmas gifts.jpg

(Quick Note: None of the products or links below are affiliate links. I have not been asked to review them or in any way been compensated for mentioning them in this post. I personally haven’t ordered the below items so I can’t attest to the quality of the items. However, I carefully chose well-reviewed and high-rated items.)

You’re scrambling to figure out the perfect gifts for your literary-loving family and friends. You realize it’s less than two weeks until Christmas, and if you want to order something, you better get it done!

If the above is true, you’re in the same boat as me.

So, I made a list of a few literary-inspired gifts on Amazon. I chose Amazon because if you have Prime, you’re almost guaranteed the item will arrive before Christmas. If you ordered from Etsy (another great site to search for awesome things) the item probably wouldn’t arrive until after Christmas.

In my short list (it’s short because I’m busy with Christmas festivities!), I included a few traditional reader gifts and a few that I can (almost) guarantee are strange enough none of your reader friends and family have!

The Book Dragon Mug

book dragon mug by the coffee corner

I first heard this statement a few years ago, and fell in love! I always hated being called a bookworm! You may even notice I mention this statement in my author bio (though admittedly few people understand it until I explain it).

This adorable mug is perfect for fierce readers.

It can be purchased here.

Literary Tea

So, you have the mug picked out. But what about teas to fill it?

I admit I haven’t tried the teas below, but I have heard of them and they come recommended by fellow readers and enthusiasts!

Typically, I recommend Literary Tea Co., and you can see if they will ship and arrive before Christmas. Since I don’t know for sure, here is another option which will arrive in time.

Bag Ladies Teas

Bag ladies teas

This is a picture of the highest rated tea from the Bag Ladies Tea on Amazon. They actually have many different types!

I only recently stumbled across this brand, but have heard good things about them for the most part. They’re more eclectic than the tea company I mentioned above (as you can guess from the name), but they have teas for all kinds of occasions. 

You can search all their different kinds of tea here.

Not tea, but has to do with tea and books:

The Book Lover’s Cup of Tea

the book lover's cup of tea

This adorable, little set from Running Press is a book-shaped tea infuser!

It doesn’t come with tea, but it does come with the infuser and a little booklet on how to make the perfect cup of tea and many other things related to tea and books.

At under $10 it would also make a great White Elephant gift if there’s a spending cap.

You can purchase it here.

Eclectic and Humorous Gifts

Perhaps you need that gift for a friend who has everything literary-themed imaginable. Don’t worry! I searched the web to find the most eccentric (yet funny) literary gifts with a twist.

Literary Chickens  

Iliterary chickens book.jpgIf you’ve ever felt a need to combine chickens with your favorite literary quotes and passages, this is the book for you (or your friend).

It’s also pretty new having been released in October, so there’s a good chance even the most enthusiastic literary collector won’t have it yet.

You can purchase it here. 

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

william Shakespeares star wars

And last but not least, the gift I might have to break down and buy for myself.

What else do I need to say other than it’s Star Wars with William Shakespeare?! Who doesn’t want to read that?

With seven books in the series, each book contains one of the beloved Lucas films rewritten into “Elizabethan” verse.

You can purchase it here. 

Hopefully, these ideas will make your Christmas shopping easier (or at least make you chuckle)!

Alexa M.