Finding the Perfect Book Cover

A book’s cover is as important and unique as the actual story itself.  Thperson-woman-hand-relaxingat’s why a book cover is one of the most important pieces of marketing a book.  It’s the image that your readers will (hopefully) connect to.

There’s many options for self-published authors to find the perfect cover.

  1. Work with a designer.

There’s hundred of sites where you can find a cover designer.  Prices range from $200 to several thousand.  Here’s a list of those that I have either used or have come highly recommended:

Scarlett Rugers Designs

Ebook Indie Covers (Note: while they only work with eBook covers, they have both premade and custom-designed covers.)

Deranged Doctor Designs 

BookBaby or Creatspace. (Note: most authors steer clear of such companies due to fraud in the news or legal actions against similar companies like XLibris.)  Both companies offer a range of services and I recommend using BookBaby if you want to simplify the distribution of both print and eBooks.

  1. Go with a premade cover.*

Many designers offer covers that are ready to go.  This is useful for anyone who plans to publish on a tight budget or schedule.  For a fraction of the price an author can purchase a beautiful cover.

hollow dreams

The cover I purchased from SelfPub Book Covers.

SelfPub Book Covers With several thousand premade eBook covers for under a $100, I used them for the cover of my second novel.  You can also order a back cover/spine for an additional fee.

Rocking Book Covers They specialize in darker covers.

*If you go with premades make sure the stock photos are included in the price of the cover.  Also make sure you choose stock photos not used on many other covers (a quick Google search can give you a good idea if the photo is used a lot).

  1. Make your own cover.

Canva Through this site you can make anything from eBook covers to posters.  It is an invaluable marketing tool.  All photos and fonts on their site are free or $1.  This is much cheaper than stock photo sites.

Microsoft Word- While I’ve never made my own cover, I’ve seen amazing covers made in word.  There are multiple tutorials online including this one:  I recommend reading Joanna Penn’s articles as she shares information for all genres of writers at any level.

Warning: if you make your own cover, keep in mind the cover is for your readers not you.  Even if you think your cover is fantastic, make sure your readers agree.

Happy book cover searching!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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